Curriculum | 2017 EITM Summer Institute

Instruction will consist of 3 day modules with the following topics and faculty:

  • Sean Gailmard (UC Berkeley) and Arthur Lupia (Michigan): introduction and philosophy of EITM
  • Jon Woon (Pittsburgh) and Elizabeth Carlson (Penn State): behavioral models and experimental tests in lab and field
  • Erin Hartman (UCLA) and Dustin Tingley (Harvard): causal inference and advanced methods for observational and experimental data
  • Lisa Wedeen (U. Chicago): qualitative & mixed methods and EITM
  • John Patty (U. Chicago) and Maggie Penn (U. Chicago): model building and analysis

The capstone of EITM is a 2-day mini conference where students present their own research to participants and faculty in attendance. This will include EITM PI Sean Gailmard, MFRs, and other faculty TBA.

Looking Back: